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Synopsis of RAKHI STORY.

It is about a very young Indian wife, named Rakhi, dealing with the domestic and social problems she faces while her young Indian husband, named Rahul, goes to the UK for further study. Her problems are adjusting to lifestyle at her in-laws’ place, facing traumatic experiences of several rapes by the uncle-in-law, adjusting to social environment. She has no one to advise her on these problems. Her favourite mother-in-law dies soon after her marriage. As she promised Rahul that she would not trouble him about her problems, she does not write about the rapes.

The grandfather-in-law takes responsibility for her care and when he realises that something was not right with her, he decides to send her to the UK. After six years of separation, Rakhi joins Rahul.

She finds him well advanced in the look, manners and intelligence. She envisages the difficulty in learning English language, a task Rahul considers important. He is doing his final year study for Bsc Economics degree course. They face financial difficulty as their son, named Prakash, is born. Rahul, being a citizen of Mozambique by birth, is not permitted to work in the UK. His uncles in Mozambique send money to support him. Due to the political issue, between India and Portugal, over the control of Div, Daman and Goa territories in India, he had to leave India and arrive as an alien student in England. So, when his uncles are ordered out of Mozambique, the monthly financial support stops.

He becomes desperate and seeks help from his good friends and a teacher of Economics subject. He succeeds in getting a house with help for full mortgage from the LCC and the British citizenship based on his father’s Anglo British passport. He joins the civil service and starts work in a department, thus ensuring a permanent job and regular income. Rakhi learns the language and their son is growing up fine.

A tragedy strikes to her when she falls down fourteen steps in the house. Her back is injured severely and she resorts to painkillers. Then, a further tragedy she faced when a cousin, named Amin, joins them unexpectedly. Amin is a son of the family uncle, Dinesh, who raped Rakhi in India. As Amin could not work legally in the UK, he is asked to do evening study which he refuses to pursue. Instead, creates domestic problems which affect Rahul’s family significantly. Amin wants to sleep with Rakhi during the day time when Rahul is away working. Amin beats up young Prakash for various reasons and blames Rakhi for not taking care of food and everyone.

She gets depressed and with new asthmatic problems, she ends up in a hospital. Rahul and Prakash suffer also as Amin demands money, food and new clothes. His demand is based on the fact that his father helped financially to settle Rahul and Rakhi in the UK and therefore Amin presumes automatic right to money and the deed of the house.

With the help of brother-in-law, Rahul manages to have Amin married to a girl in Leicester. They leave house and establish a shop in the nearby area. Amin acquires British nationality based on his spouse.

When Prakash realises that Rakhi is nearly incapable of carrying out the house work etc, as a result of depression and physical problems, he declares that he wants to get married. That way, he thinks, the parents will have some help in the house to ease the problems. However, things do not work out as anticipated. The daughter-in-law, Seema, does not like Rakhi for many reasons. She decides to move into her own house with Prakash. The latter gets caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. He wants to care for the parents by living with them. Seema’s mother plays a significant part to persuade Prakash to move out. She bribes him with many things. Eventually, they move out. That move becomes the last straw for Rakhi.

She has her hips replaced within a year and contracts pneumonia leading her to death. Rahul felt that the hospital was negligent and seeks lawyer’s advice. He does not succeed.

R. Morarjee. Words:-696.

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